The video gallery was created to provide additional infomation to help educate us all in making the best financial decisions. Although each situation  may differ from one to another your personal circumstances will most likely dictate your actions. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation. 

9.26.2018 Mortgage Moments (MOMO) Feds Raised Rates.

08.25.2018 Mortgage Moments (MOMO)

08.17.2018 Mortgage Moments (MOMO)

08.10.2018 Mortgage Moments (MOMO)

08.02.2018 Mortgage Moments (MOMO)

MoMo - 5.25.2018

05/05/2017 - Pre-Qualification - 1st Step!!!


  • 2/20/2014 Arms Preferred Over Fixed With Consumers